PEP – Vision & Mission


PEP’s vision is of a strong and united village society with respect for all members, social awareness and which offers a standard of life for all which allows them to meet their basic needs.



PEP’s mission is to create a model of rural development that can be replicated in any area of the country – one that will facilitate the creation of the strong society PEP envisions.



PEP’s goal is poverty eradication, which is instrumental in affording all members of society their due respect and the necessities of life.



The objectives are:

  • To reduce poverty by at least 50% in each upazila where PEP works.
  • To foster a comprehensive and integrated development process whereby the main development works undertaken in any upazila can be completed within 15 years.
  • To help create a more balanced, diversified and vibrant economy with specific emphasis on neglected sectors such as cottage industries, reforestation, fisheries, poultry, and sericulture.
  • To promote innovative agricultural activities such as short-duration pariza rice cultivation, flood-resistant and drought-tolerant rice verities, liming of acidic soils and integrated rice-fish cultivation.
  • To Promote the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and non-grain crops to counteract the present unbalanced food production system that primarily focuses on the production of rice.
  • To ensure the creation of new employment opportunities and that economic assets and income go to the poor whenever possible.
  • Promote and improve the environment.
  • To promote women’s equality, healthy child development, and leadership among the rural poor.